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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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francisco young dancers event at lincoln high school. i think it is from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. this coming saturday, and, in fact, president yee, i believe you have something to say about this event. do you not? president yee: i do. and it is not even a wig dance competition, because you are going to be one of the judges there. i would really like to share my thoughts on this quickly. we started this program last year. it is a great program. we had four schools participating to the end of last year, and 300 people came and saw them compete and be part of a showcase, and so this year, we actually increased it by 39%. 12 elementary schools are involved. this week alone, they are doing the semifinals before they get to the event, and the first time
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i found out, it semifinal was ts afternoon. you should have seen them, they were so cute. i wanted to take the opportunity for a few minutes to show what we did last year. we have a four-minute clip. you will be really proud of the kids involved. susan? ♪ >> the program is to introduce social dancing to fourth and fifth graders, so they know what it takes to be applicable. many students have not been exposed to dancing. it was a 10-week program where
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we introduced the five dances to the students. many of the students participating in this program, but dancing part was not the best thing. there are so confident. and it translated to other things. the joy they have, that's what they have. that is the part that [unintelligible] it was the passion.
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>> since nobody can hear anything, i will turn it off. [applause] >> it is going to be on the website? >> i do not know. >> i asked whether we can put this on the district website. she said yes. great. >> i hope you get an idea of what they did last year. we will have so many more kids participating this year. >> i know a lot of people showed up to the meeting, and i want to simply say that i do not think there is a single person who is not fed up with california public education funding. we are all in the same position and we will work together.
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we have a couple of months to wrap up the budget and staff and hopefully we can bring -- we can do our best to bring closure to that for everybody. thank you. >> i wanted to mention that is year, i got the opportunity to go to the san francisco young dancers event at city college. it was fabulous. but i did not know what to expect. it was delightful and complete the enjoyable. i want to encourage everybody to clarify what the location is an and what the time is. >> it will be at the lincoln high school boys gym and you enter at 24th avenue and rivera. and it starts at 1:00 p.m. and most likely will be finished around 3:30 p.m. it is going to be a blast. thank you. item c, recognition and
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resolutions of accommodation. >> this is always a fun activity in that we get to recognize some really fabulous people in our district that are the unsung heroes that do great things out there. for the first presentation i would like to ask tametra rice mitchel, come on down. she is the one who made the school recommendation. >> this evening, we are honoring our very own mr. gerald robinson. [cheers and applause]
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his title at our school is security guard, but he does so much more. as you can only imagine. he is only 25 years old and when he came to our school he was 21, about to turn 22. this young man is dependable, loyal, dedicated. he is the most hard-working young man that i know. i am so honored to be presenting this award to him. duquesne see him walking around with children. he is always the same with everybody. he's never upset. and you can see from the staff support they absolutely love him. mr. gerald robinson. [cheers and applause] >> congratulations. >> i want to thank my friends, my family, my special principle. i call her mom at school.
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i want to thank your for the opportunity to give back to my community because i grew up in the bayview community. it is kind of rough around there. it is kind of hard. a lot of my brothers and sisters over there do not have a father figure. i'm not trying to be their father, but i am showing them that there are positive young black males that they can look up to aside from hanging out on the corner. i want to thank everybody. all of the staff, my mom, everybody. [applause] >> the next three review is for a special service award. i don't know about you, when i think my job is tough, i always think there are people do have a much tougher job than i do. that is, people who have to run
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the educational placement center in the school district. [laughter] but i'm happy to ask the presenter, darlene lamb, to come up and do the next presentation. >> good evening, commissioners and superintending garcia. i am honored to be here to present this special service award to our guru of student assignment, archie. he is our director of the student center. i think he started with the district as a teenager. we are talking about whippersnapper. he was a teenager when he started with the district. he was still in college. and working in student assignment has not scared him off yet. he stuck it through and has been very dedicated to this work. i truly am honored to be here
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giving him this recognition. it is not just the assignment. it is out reached, workshops, language verification -- language, address verification, student assignments. there is so much working edges. and i'm so grateful that when i came to work there we could work in partnership together. we have a great team he has built up of people from the epc that are just as dedicated as he is. we have worked through some hard work and a lot of difficult conversations. but he has always approached it with compassion and dedication and with a fair sense of equity and making sure that we implement this process with fidelity. he has always stayed true to that. i am very honored to recognize
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archie fokken from the epc. [applause] >> i do not know what to say. but i think you. -- thank you. this is the first meeting i'm coming to without a powerpoint or some kind of data that somebody is asking me for. so don't ask me. in 1963, my parents emigrated on a japanese trawler to the united states. here in san francisco. i lived out in the mission district. i am born and raised san franciscan. it i really felt the need to keep my roots in the public school system here. darlene is correct, i started when i was 19 in the district. i graduated college and thought i would leave the next year. i am now 45. richard has something in plan for him, too.
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i'm really thankful to be here. i want to do the best that we can for our san francisco residents. it is ironic that in 1963, my mom came down to the board to complain to the then epc because my sisters, who were twins, could not go to school together. now i am overseeing that office. thank you, everyone. it is a pleasure working with you. [applause] >> our next item is cesar chavez de recognition. -- cesar chavez day recognition. we created something that you do not usually see at a labor contract, a joint recognition commemorating the life of cesar chavez, who did the light -- did so much to improve the lives of workers throughout california
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and throughout the country. this recognizes employees who have been nominated by the union or the district for their contributions to our school district students and families. for me, i tell you this is a special recognition because one of the highlights of my life is that i actually got to march with cesar chavez. that meant a lot to me when i was in college. it's a dream come true to have this happen in our school district. tom? >> thank you, superintendent. and commissioners. we want to recognize the following individuals for their work not only behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes, wherever the work needed doing. these individuals helped our district schools and department's work on behalf of our district goals of equity and accountability and creating the conditions for success for our students. superintendent, would you like
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me to read them one at a time or would you like me to go through the list? read them all at once? the first individual is david jensen. [applause] >> thank you, david. >> janine butler. [applause] william simons. [applause] lorraine bauser. [applause]
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maria ehrlich. [applause] yvonne johnsson miller, president. [applause] catalina pahar. [applause] and someone who has served so many of our families well, ramon martinez. [applause]
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and michael hamrock is out of town and unable to be here to be recognized. thank you. [applause] >> viva cesar chavez! [applause] >> ok, item d will beat student delegate reports. >> at our last sac meeting when over the student evaluations of the youth summit. these work evaluations written up by the students of the summit. overall, the evaluations were
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very positive. they found the workshops to be very informative and fun. andy sac is excited to implement the new ideas and new workshop for next year's summit. >> last tuesday on april 17th, the sfmta past a new meeting for all youth. we are exciting to be taking this new step. the two-year pilot program will begin this august. [applause] sari, and also, we're looking forward to meeting with supervisor jane kim anat city hall and deputy supervisor parens that at our last two meetings. >> ok, item e, parent advisory council report. is there a representative?
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no? [no audio] >> good evening, commissioners. and our district staff and the many people here this evening. my name is ruth. i staff the parent advisory council. i'm here with -- i'm here on behalf of another member who is stuck in the valley right now. we're going to share their reports this evening. i will start off. the pac has reported to the school district several times this year about how our district priorities are going. most of our questions have been focused on the new core curriculum standards and the formative assessments called ", and learning assessment" that teachers are supposed to be
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learning -- "common learning assessment was quebec teachers are supposed to be learning. we are having a meeting about this tomorrow. i'm happy for him that he got to go home already. we have actually invited our partners from the family engagement coalition, which is a combination of community-based family advocate groups from the staff and the district, including the office of family and community engagement, who have been working together to partner and share our work together for partnership with the school site. we are a little worried about how crowded the room is going to be. but we are looking forward to an eager to have the conversation tomorrow and learn more about how these important initiatives are working in the district. i believe that's pac members will report back to you and me
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about how that went. >> good evening. i have one daughter in elementary school. today is the fourth time here. [speaking foreign language] when we talk about restorative practices we have heard from two hundred 40 people so far in 12 schools and community centers. -- 240 people so far in 12 schools and community centers. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> we have five more conversations scheduled and hope to hear from students as well. soon, your resources and causes in high school as well. -- peer resources and classes in high school as well. >> [speaking foreign language] >> we are working with susan right now to figure out a schedule for presenting to you our findings from those conversations and our recommendations for strengthening implementation of practices across the district. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> we plan to present a brief summary of the report at the board meeting on may 22nd, just before school get out. and then have a longer discussion with you about our recommendations early in june. thank you. >> one quick reminder that the pac is inviting parents to apply for open seats on the advisory council for next school year. any student or guardian attending -- any student attending with a parent or guardian is welcome. and we welcome parents with different backgrounds and policy issues. we have packet in english and spanish and chinese on our website and at the office of community engagement. and they're also brochures like
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this around on how to find it. applications are due by friday, may 4th, which i believe is a week from friday. and we plan to bring those that are nominated by the pac to appointment in june. the website is >> thank you for your report. any comments or questions? thank you very much. we're going to go to item f, public comment on content items. -- can send items. i did not see anything in the speaker cards on consent item calorie calendar issues. -- calendar issues. item g, consent calendar -- is
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there a motion and as economic consent calendar? >> so moved. >> second. >> seeing the items withdrawn. >> we need to withdraw one item, 3j124-w2010. we need to correct the last access code on the page. it should read 24,200 and not 16,000. it is a change in the amount. and lastly, we have one item for
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discussion tonight. that is item 3t, on page 56. >> any items moved for first reading by the board. any items severed by the board for discussion and vote tonight? seeing none compou, we have one severed, was withdrawn, and one correction. we will have roll-call vote on items. item h, speaker cards inaction, already moved and seconded. commissioner fewer. correct i already reported on this at the last meeting because the meeting was before then. but just to remind everybody, we
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adopted -- we put all of our first series, the 9000 series that used to be our internal rules, it into the format so they would be on line and be searchable and updated more quickly. the only issue here is that their form uses the term " student board members." we use the term "student delegate." >> that was my fault. i am looking at item 124. >> that the report on the next one. >> ok, thank you anyway. go ahead. >> the report on the new revisions to the health policy, we also took that to the rules
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committee and the issue here is -- has to do with following new provisions in the laws so that we have made our health policy complied with everything that we need, based on revisions. the committee recommends -- really had two people at the committee, but by consensus it recommends approval. >> the committee gave this item a positive recommendation and there was much discussion about the use -- youth risk survey and the results of it. it was also the recommendation of the committee that the speed -- that this item be heard also at the budget committee.
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cracks i wanted to add to the report of the rules committee -- >> i wanted to add to the report of the rules committee because this was initially brought by natalie davidson, who saw that our existing policy was woefully inadequate. and the commission drafted some language that the staff -- and i really want to thank kevin troy, ken coates, and debra for putting a lot of time into this. >> are there any public speakers for this item? >> i want to add one more thing. >> go ahead. >> i have it here. i will not read it, but i hope all the board members have gotten the memo about the credential in the issue about the health education teachers. there have been some changes. we have some teachers who will need help.
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there are requirements for what kind of credentials to teach help you need have changed. hopefully everybody has the appropriate credentials. >> the associate superintendent, kevin triplett. >> good evening, commissioners. tonight, we are presenting a revision to the 1996 board of education health policy.
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the revisions made to the existing policy reflect the most recent california standards and guidelines specified in helping people in 2020. additionally, staff has needed to provide more direction and support to our schools to achieve greater consistency and stability from school to school, which will lead to increases in student achievement and overall safety. we would like to share some of the most recent data from the california help the kids survey and the youth risk behavior survey, which you have been provided with copies in the executive summary and the public can accept -- can access at our website. i would like to turn it over to ken coates, who will lead this brief presentation on our data.


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